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Features to look for in a home security camera in St. Louis

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

When it comes to your home’s security, it helps to get a look of your property This is a principal reason why security cameras are one of the most effective components to include as you design your home security system. Although free-standing cameras can be effective when installed correctly, they’re even more powerful when integrated into your home’s smart home system.

Have you often wondered what to look for in a home security camera in St. Louis? You’ll be pleased to discover these important elements have more features than earlier versions. You may see real-time streams from indoor cameras or warn intruders with integrated security features from outdoor cameras. You’ll even get instant access to your surveillance devices with a central in-home touchscreen or cell phone app.

Dynamic features enhance home security cameras in St. Louis

Multifaceted and easy-to-manage security cameras will take your property’s protection to a different level. These vital parts of your security system can be found with a diverse lineup of features including bi-directional talk, motion detection, and convenient cell phone access. Take a look at the possibilities here.

  • Night vision: Powerful IR night vision capability offers well-defined images of your surroundings at any hour. Your cameras will also sustain their crisp imaging when closing in on details.
  • Cloud storage: Look for security cameras with video storage functionality and the chance to watch footage right from your mobile device app.
  • Smartphone app: Today’s home security cameras in St. Louis are often linked to a helpful mobile device app. You can view current feeds or pre-recorded clips and even arm or deactivate your alarms. The Vivint App will deliver a notification to your phone whenever there’s a triggered event.
  • Motion detection: Integrated motion detection prompts cameras to activate if odd activity takes place. You’ll even be alerted with an update on your phone.
  • Converse with visitors or family: Would you welcome the chance to check in with your kids once they get home from school? Is there a delivery person at your front door? Modern surveillance systems, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, offer convenient 2-way communications so you are able to speak to anyone within range of your camera.
  • Improve your perspective: As a good rule of thumb, your outside surveillance should provide an angle of 120° or higher. As an example, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro provides a viewing angle of 140°.
  • Custom zone coverage: This convenience provides the opportunity to designate the specific space you wish your camera to watch over. This can be important to limit what you surveil as you wouldn’t want updates each time an automobile drives by on the road.

Design your own home security system

Now you know what to look for in a home security camera in St. Louis. The next step is to get started on your robust Vivint smart home. Phone (314) 866-4556 to start or submit the form below to contact our professionals.