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Is there a difference between regular smoke detectors vs. monitored fire alarms in St. Louis?

August 08, 2022
smoke alarm detector on the ceiling

In the St. Louis smoke detector vs. monitored fire alarm argument, one component rises above the other. Smoke detectors are an essential first step in shielding your house from a dangerous blaze, but they have a few concerning limitations. Alternatively, monitored fire alarms offer more ways to discover a fire and can contact help when disaster strikes. Connecting your fire alarms to a home security system also delivers many other perks that your regular smoke detectors can only hope for.

Your ordinary smoke alarms in St. Louis could be inadequate

Fire safety is important, and smoke detectors perform an essential part in keeping your family safe. However, smoke detectors have some limitations. To illustrate, they will only detect smoke, not extreme temperatures. When there is an emergency in your residence, you might not be cautioned until the smoke rises to the smoke detector. Although there are some other telltale indications of fire -- like a marked heat increase -- if you don’t have smoke, there is no triggered smoke detector.

In addition, smoke detectors only beep if they detect an adequate amount of smoke. When a fire creeps along slowly at first, you might not be cautioned until the flames are out of control. Some smoke detectors employ more than one sensor, which means they will be able to perceive smoke from both a raging fire and smoldering remnants. Whenever they start beeping, it’s required of the occupant to notify first responders after exiting the residence.

Monitored fire alarms do much more than regular smoke detectors

Although they have a similar appearance to standard smoke detectors, monitored fire alarms have added advantages. If integrated to a comprehensive home security installation, they will:

  • Identify fire with dual-sensor smoke detection: Similar to a traditional smoke detector, your monitored alarm has the ability to trigger from a roaring blaze or smoldering embers. It will emit a high-volume beeping if it recognizes a hazardous situation.
  • Discover fire from a rapid heat surge: A monitored fire alarm may even activate if it discerns an unusual fluctuation in temperature. Typically, heat comes in advance of smoke. More ways to identify a fire leads to extra ways to keep your family safe.
  • Notifies professional monitoring agents: Fires will happen when you are on site or somewhere else. Regardless, your fire alarms will warn your monitoring agents, who will rapidly place a call to emergency services. When seconds count, it's great to know that someone is consistently watching over your residence.
  • Integrates with home automation: Although the main task of a fire alarm is to identify an emergency and request monitoring agents, it may also join forces with other automated components. For example, a triggered alarm might make your system engage the exhaust fan to impede the fire or trigger lighting so you can see the safest way out of your home.

Your monitored fire alarms are an important aspect of a complete smart home

The simplest method to maximize the functionality of your fire alarms is to connect them with a Vivint home security system. Consult with a Vivint security agent today and customize the perfect smart home for your family. Diall (314) 866-4556 or submit the form below to take the first step toward a safer property.